The Oaf Prince Free!

The Oaf Prince Free!

Another free give away is coming up, this time for the ebook of The Oaf Prince. Starting this friday, February 12th for five days on amazon.

Here is the link:

Make sure to mark your calandars!

The Oaf Prince
Free! February 12th to 16th!



Free Ebook!

I’m just putting up this quick post to let everyone know that my book is available for free right now on Amazon.

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It was recently reviewed by a reader as zombie apocalypse meets Bridgette Jones. Never would have thought of that myself but it’s actually the perfect description hehe.

My short story Ever so Familiar is also exclusively free on the publisher’s website.

Ever So Familiar cover

So, please read any and all free stories that appeal to you and if you feel inclined I would LOVE a review on Goodreads or amazon. 😉

Thanks for following everyone!



What’s in a name?



Ever since the release of The Oaf Prince, I have been a lot more open about my writing. I tell people the title (which I never would have done before) and I even share the book among my friends in hope that they will share, etc.

It might not seem like much, but for me it really is.

I have always been shy, naturally. Over the years I have worked on coming out of my shell and now I am much more comfortable in my own skin. It’s a good thing. But it has lead to some very unexpected things.

For one, I seem to have collected names. Lots of them.

I use to believe that writing was a deeply personal thing. I still feel that people who read my writing are being given a glimpse deep into my soul. They get to learn a lot of things about me. My sense of humour, what makes me sad or things that I find important and cherish. Every single thing that you chose to mention in writing is a choice and it illustrates you as a person. The difference now is that I am okay with that.

It still makes me blush and want to run and hide when I see someone reading my book, but now I don’t mind letting people read it. In fact, now it interests me learning what my readers take note of, what they like or don’t like. It is like we are sharing a very unique experience and everyone feels the words in a different way.

But before I was okay with all that, I created a pen name. As a teenager I always went with an alias. Then as an adult I chose to make a new one. Sienna Sway became my writers voice. And I love her. She’s like the cooler version of me. She’s laid back, she writes what she feels like writing, she doesn’t care if people will raise a brow at her. She likes to shock people and she also likes things to mushy-gushy that I would probably gag if it was reality. She is my “Adult Writer” voice.

Since I began to share The Oaf Prince not just with strangers, but with people I know, I have repeatedly been asked why I used another name?

The answer seems obvious to me. The story is about a gay ogre. Ummmm, not enough of a reason? Well there are a few, pretty graphic sex scenes… At which point in the conversation, the look that friends have given me is the answer.

I didn’t want to be judged.

The Oaf Prince has turned into the brunt of many jokes around here. It’s Lord of the Rings meets Brokeback Mountain. Every gay person on TV is now named Nemir. Things like that. Its actually pretty funny and since the story itself is a comedy, I appreciate that it is not being taken too seriously.

Now I have another book due to be released on the eleventh of December (so soon!) but it’s another one that I am not really taking much credit for in a personal way.

It’s called The Zombie’s Guide To Being Dead. It is being marketed as a non-fiction, written by an L.A. zombie that goes by the name BRAAAGGGHHHHH. She’s a pretty cool, undead woman who is sharing her techniques to not only surviving, but enjoying the afterlife too. (So, you know, if you have any zombie’s in your life in need of a little direction, it might be the perfect Christmas gift. :P)

Needless to say, the author is listed as BRAAAGGGHHHHH and I have added yet another name to the growing list.

My goal has always been to write as myself in the young adult genre. I am already working towards that point and toward the types of stories that really speak to me in a deep way. Luckily I wont have to alter my name for that and I can continue to write as myself and my created names depending on the mood that strikes me.

Now, I am happy with the decisions that I made in creating my alter ego’s. It may be a bit more work, having multiple accounts on many platforms, but hey, it allows me to flex my creativity and not feel bound by what ‘I’ should be writing about.

Does anyone else do the same? I would love to hear your experiences in the comments below.


One more thing! If you’re interested in getting a copy of The Oaf Prince for free, I am having a goodreads giveaway right now here;

And I will have a giveaway for A Zombie’s Guide to Being Dead coming up in a week’s time.

I’ll post updates on how they go, as it’s my first time doing it. Fingers crossed!


Twitter Giveaway

Exciting news!

The pre-order for The Oaf Prince has only been up properly for about a day and a half and I already have five sales! 😀 I am so delighted! I hope that it continues to sell at this speed.

But now that I am in, and being tempted by the slowly growing number of sales, its time to take the plunge. I can’t do this half way. I am going to go all in. Its now or never.

So on that dramatic note…

I am going to launch a twitter giveaway. Starting today, anyone who follows my twitter account and retweets a certain tweet will be entered for a chance to win a copy of the ebook for free.

It sounds simple when you say it like that, but I’ve never done this before.

To me this is incredibly overwhelming. Again, doubt gets to me. What if no one likes my page? Well, the answer to that is simple, if no one likes it, then no one gets a free copy. Easy as that. (Now I just need to repeat that to myself.)


Upon looking up info for giveaways, I was surprised that there are so many tips and ‘rules’ on twitter giveaways. In the past, it seems like this technique was more of a way to grow your twitter audience and that would be it. You then targeted those new followers as your future audience. It goes beyond that now though. With SEO and the importance of twitter and the like to social advertising, these giveaways can give you that extra boost in various platforms. Who doesn’t want their product to go viral?

Ahem, it feels weird to talk about my book as a product. Like I am objectifying my characters somehow. Nemir, Soluc, I didn’t mean it!

BUT, right now, I am not the author, I am the marketer. I can say from experience that it is extremely hard to switch from being an artist to being a business person. Through hours of research online, it seems that marketing is an art all to its own. Learning it is taking a lot of hard work, but the payoff is that your art can then grow.

If having more sales, means that I can write more and work in my day job less, then I will do what I need to do to grow.

I know I am not alone here. That’s why I would like to keep note of my techniques and progress and hopefully help other writers out there when the time comes to publish, whether traditionally or self-published.

In this case, I am choosing to keep it simple and not bother with any other sites or programs that can take care of the details for you. There are many options out there but instead of wading through reviews for each one, I am going to try to embrace the power of hashtags and keywords.

Here is the tweet I am using.

Screenshot (14)


My technique here was pretty simple, and easy to see. I wanted to make the story noticeable without using unnecessary characters. Twitter only allows 140 characters, so I left out any details of the book, left out my name and even left out the title. Instead, I put a link to the book. A cropped picture of the cover, reinforcing the giveaway and also giving a quick description of the book.

I used the rest of my available characters on hashtags. In my opinion #gayfiction is one of the most important ones that I used. That simple hashtag will (hopefully) stop people from retweeting and following, if its not their cup of tea. Remember, I am looking for an audience of readers who actually like my writing.

As you can see, in seven minutes, I already have 8 retweets/follows and one favourite.

Fingers crossed that it continues to go like this for the week that I am planning to run this giveaway! I will keep everyone posted.

In the meantime, if you would like to join in on the draw, please do! I’m planning to give five copies out on the 22nd!

Here’s the link:

And if you want to read more about The Oaf Prince:

Thanks for the read!