realism, romance and drama

The first post I made to this blog is simply a quote from oscar wilde which I find incredibly to the point when it comes to romance story telling.

He says “While we look to the dramatist to give romance to realism, we ask of the actor to give realism to romance.”

Don’t you think that this quote carries so much weight when it comes to writing in general? How many times have we read stories with fantastic writing and an interesting plot that still left us yawning? Being a writer, particularly of romance means that you alone need to find that delicate balance of romance and drama and realism.

The ability to type a good dramatic romance only goes so far unless there is a realistic touch to weed out all of those star lit nights and perfect love making sessions where all parties climax at the same time in a breath-taking explosion of white light and flower petals.

Too often, writers forget that the drama is what makes the comedy funny, or that the drama has a whole new level when things like romance are at stake.

Lets be honest, no one wants to read a flat, two dimensional story in any genre but the more you layer and find the romance or drama or realism the ultimately better your story will be.


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